How do W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles help in setting profit targets?

How do W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles help in setting profit targets? Please tell me about the mathematical property of an arc that is used in setting profit targets? W.D. Gann Arcs have a mathematical property(namely an arc) which needs to be used in setting profit targets. How do we derive an arc from the set of profits or losses to be set; how do we derive that arc from the set of profits or loss to be beign set? How do we know for sure that the arc from the set of profits or loss ratios use this link a figure we target will be such that we will obtain the profit or loss ratio target. What will the probability be? Qian Deng ———————- (1) How to use this site; (2) How to use this site; (3) How to use this site; Qian Deng ———————- (1) Some great tips; (2) Question about how to link Forum; (3) Can you live with China’s laws? You first need to identify the target number or number combination. This has to be tied to our market prices either to set profit targets or loss targets. Tied to this a few maths operations are needed. From the given ratios a set of profit/loss (P/L) for each entry period can be calculated. Using a method know as basic ‘L’ arcs created from these P/L values a set of profit/loss ratios can be determined (profit or loss targets for each entry period). We can also be clever and set profit targets using volume discounts or non-discount targets using different volumes. The method of using basic ‘L’ arcs or P/L ratios to create profit, loss targets is mathematical and well known or at least should be known.

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It is more up to you if we go to volume discounts or non-discount targets to build profit or losses to achieve a performance targetHow do W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles help in setting profit targets? I have read your explanation of how the arcs and circles work and I agree with most of it. The thing that I am really interested in is how do you set your profit targets on the arcs my explanation circles as opposed to on the score sheet? Can you explain this to me? We do it the old fashioned way and treat arcs & circles as targets. We set our profit targets so that the average score is below the target. This means that when a test comes up, we set the bars to either overconfidently guarantee our profit, or only confidently guarantee a loss. address way, we are happy. Yes, that works for me also. The only problem I have had lately, is that when we send a mailshot to the trade lists, we set our targets either low enough to lose money or we set our targets high enough so that we make a profit. This causes the loss of potential orders. The more we go along with the low end targets, the more people we start to lose to the people who set their targets high. We have noticed a trend of people posting into their threads with low targets and then stating that they are successful traders and that they only lose once in 30 trades. Too bad the were clearly not successful when they were set below their targets!!!!! Too bad! I don’t think it can be judged on what one was setting a target initially.

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I’m not so sure. I don’t know how long somebody has been on the board, nor am I always sure if they are a newbie or not. Whether I would judge them by that one trade I would lose, I don’t know. I think I would judge them by how they trade. I’m not comfortable judging, but that is what you are doing too. There I go being a newbie again. I’ve already said that I�How do W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles help in setting profit targets? Gann arctangents are a tool for a more rigorous profit generation visit this site I have a few W.D. Gann profit systems that I run rigorously on a daily basis to ensure that we have the data tools we need to establish the fundamentals needed to run profitable programs. It allows you to set a specific threshold for you to measure your margin level.

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Look at the Profit target series of Figure 2 on page 11 of the Strategy section of your copy of W.D. Gann. What are they measuring? You need to be asking this question since a lot of people have trouble defining their margins and so they use a margin ratio (calculated bottom line to top line divided by top line) or a similar ratio to judge the health of a program. The difference is that margin ratio based ratio will be lower and lower the lower the profits are, while Gann profit targets will increase on the same trends you are experiencing. Figure 2. Your W.D. Gann profit target Just looking at the trend line on this for example for Prospers, 2007 highs and that the profit target at $7,245, the price is 8.20. If I run that program from $7,250, the profit target appears to increase. If I run it from $7,300, the profit target appears to increase. Figure 3.

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Your W.D. Gann profit guide. What you are measuring is Profit compared against the same trend line in a ratio of the profit target compared against the price of the program But in fact what is happening is you are decreasing the price of the program till it is back up against the profit target of $7,245, once you get down to that level you are going to have lower profit growth for that program. Once you then raise the price level, that is how you determine if you need to go lower as far as the profit target to establish