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Significance of W.D. Gann's Charting Techniques

W.D Gann



These courses help traders understand these techniques so that they can make smarter trading decisions in the market.

Only practical trading methods which are useful. 

WD Gann’s trading methods can help identify recurrent patterns and cycles that influence markets. He used Gann Angles – divided time and price into various angles that he would draw onto charts manually or using software – as an effective way of tracking them. These angles follow his theory’s “Rule of all Angles,” where assets move from one angle to the next once reaching previous ones – this enables traders to identify areas of support and resistance on charts; breaking support indicating an imminent price decline is known as a break.

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What will you learn?


Practical Gann

In our trading course, you’ll learn:

  1. Introduction to WD Gann
    1. Overview of WD Gann’s life and contributions to trading
    2. Understanding Gann’s principles and methodologies
  2. Gann’s Trading Philosophy
    1. Exploring Gann’s key trading principles
    2. The importance of time and price analysis in Gann’s approach
    3. Gann’s focus on geometry, mathematics, and natural law
  3. Time Analysis Techniques
    1. Gann’s use of cyclical analysis for market timing
    2. Understanding Gann’s Time Cycles and their significance
    3. Time projection techniques and forecasting future price movements
  4. Price Analysis Techniques
    1. Gann’s approach to price action and chart patterns
    2. Understanding Gann Angles and their application in trading
    3. Gann Squares and their role in identifying key support and resistance levels
  5. Trading Strategies
    1. Gann’s swing trading techniques
    2. Identifying trend reversals using Gann’s methods
    3. Gann’s trading rules and guidelines for risk management
    4. Practical application of Gann’s strategies in different markets (stocks, commodities, forex)
  6. Advanced Concepts
    1. Gann’s use of astrology and planetary movements in trading
    2. Gann’s forecasting methods and predicting major market turns
    3. Incorporating Gann’s techniques into algorithmic trading systems
  7. Case Studies and Practical Examples
    1.  Analyzing historical market data using Gann’s techniques
    2. Real-world examples of successful trades using Gann’s principles
    3. Hands-on exercises to apply Gann’s methods to current market conditions
  8. Review and Resources
    1. Recap of key concepts covered in the course
    2. Additional resources for further study of WD Gann’s work
    3. Q&A session and ongoing support for course participants
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