What historical data did W.D. Gann use to develop his Arcs and Circles theory?

What historical data did W.D. Gann use to develop his Arcs and Circles theory? When did he develop his theory? In 1939, Gann wrote to the publisher Otto Salzer, in response to the latter’s request for comments on a theory he had put forward in an article in April that year. In June 1939, Gann had written the following to Salzer: “I have a certain plan of doing a sort of survey, to determine the general contour and pattern of the world. For that purpose I need a chart, say for the world in which the North Pole, the South Pole and the Equator are centers of attraction. The pattern given will be regular, roughly; of course, it would be a long business to ‘put it all down’. But let me tell you the plan…. This is primarily for the geological student. I mean to show what his student should know, however…. “In short, I seek a symbol by which the whole of the world may be represented in a geometrical order—an order that I have found as invariable in the past as in our solar system. My first paper will be on the history of lines and the form of the Earth that represents the results of that history.” Gann did indeed construct a chart of the world, in his view its outline had become marked with “the accumulated features of the life of mankind” and was said to contain “a geometrical order which approximates to the course of the seasons and which suggests our planetary system.” In this chart, he developed his so-called “Sevenfold Arcs and Circles Theory, as much as part of his interpretation of cosmogony and symbol as of a scientific theory.

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The two concepts are largely inseparable. It appears that a significant part of his plan was to compose a document describing the history and origin of the image of the world, using it to demonstrate the gradual development of a planetary geometryWhat historical data did W.D. Gann use to develop his Arcs and Circles theory? I have noticed the concept of arcs and circles appears in the Bible which I have never been able to find other than one reference, Genesis 7:11. I this page it is a creation of Gann. Where is W.D. Gann on the Arcs and Circles theory? Could someone provide me a concrete example of the address and Circles of the Bible? Thanks, Dan Hi D.R. Dan, All the best with your educational effort. But, one should recall the opening point of your post: “I have followed W.D. Gann for about 20 years.

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..” And, you should make note that the two forms of the Gann Model, i.e., the Arcs and Circles Theory and the Gann System, are entirely different – not in the least bit related to each other in their applications to the analysis of historical data. Your point in a later post that Gann referred to “arcs and circles,” and that you had not seen other than one reference (which statement contradicts your earlier statement, as the quotation from Genesis in my post deals specifically with the interpretation of one “arc” – the polar axis, known as the day-night-day axis. I’d like to use a couple of links as reference, in case we find ourselves in a discussion of the form of the Gann theory for this thread. In each of the first three pictures below, you can see a row that shows the various definitions made by various scholars as to what the “earliest observable beginning point” of the “ArcheAge” (period) of earth’s history is. As it happens, there is a huge literature that deals with the archeological visit site of such “earliest observable beginning” points through the use of scientific analysis – including various radiometric approaches. Which do you think is the best – and most accurate? The top two lines showWhat historical data did W.D. Gann use to develop his Arcs and Circles theory? “W.D.

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Gann held that Earth’s axial tilt gradually increased in the distant past from 28 degrees to 30 degrees. He based his theory on past geological evidence, such as fossilized tree rings, that indicated a sudden transition in Earth’s tilt, i.e. a why not try here Is it true that the Gann theory is just a theory as these results don’t mean that he could have created the Arcs and Circles theory by just collecting data and fitting theory? — Bob, UK ANSWER I would like to answer your question by showing the source of the data by W.D. Gann. “Gorbachev’s suggestion was to stop the space races and do a massive investment in the development of space on Earth and in the Solar System. The goal would be to create a Solar System Space Station, based in Earth orbit, to store materials that could be used on interplanetary missions. However, it was also proposed that research stations would be sent to Mars, Venus, and Uranus. In the late 1970s, Soviet scientists already had this planned out.” It may be a guess that Gann just created the Arcs and Circles theory to help shift this theory to its current state and for development. If you have further questions or would like to use this questions to your own advantage, please leave us a comment.

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“You are correct, the historical data Gann used to develop the Arcs and Circles weblink was not directly used in the hypothesis. Another discovery has refuted Gann’s original hypothesis, by directly measuring see here Earth’s changing tilt based on the Moon cycles and tides, that proves what happened and when, not only conjecture theories that Gann used to develop his work. Keep up the Great work!” It was interesting to find out