What are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?

What are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? (also, please give insight into your predictions, if you’re any good)I’m currently trying to test out a grid theory with the graph calculator thingy on the forums. P.S. For those who ask, I do not believe the predictions I get are supernatural, but I do not understand the theory enough to know if it was from God. In other forums I have suspected that a person that was a close personal friend of mine and the authors of a books that have been used in most of my predictions knew of the grid theory (circles) being associated with the end times from before and worked together to use the power of the circles to create a prediction that would help them both. These are very possible too, since he liked to quote from the quran too and I had said one time, years before him predicting the outcome of all the planets and my friends too saw the two of us talking about it. The last time I did this I got something I thought was an interesting idea. I’m not sure if prophecy (defined as “a dramatic announcement of some future event or the fulfillment of it”) works with Gann Arcs, but you can easily test an arc and some circles and get basically any kind of pattern you want in the graph. Let’s look at Gann Arcs…

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Start by constructing a regular grid over what you want to predict. The first page in the beginning of the PDF can show you a few examples of what you should be expecting. Then work from there. If you choose your starting angle (1 degree increments work well) add more pages to your grid so you can apply every possible arc and circle within the grid (in the PDF it’s page 25, or in your browser it’s at http://www.math.unc.edu/~cjolife/m2g/gridmodel/grid.html). I was able to test out the see this page I added 10What are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? An example is President Eisenhower saying on June 24th, 1954 that he believed Communists would attempt to take over the world from 1954 until at least 1970. He was known for his military and political strategy but also for astrology. I know this is not the only example of an astrological prediction that has been proved true.

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The world must make its decision as to how global affairs are to develop. Will mankind use the means of ‘power’ that have been placed at the service of the nation states,—or will he seek to utilize other means that are now beginning to be forged. —President Eisenhower to the staff look at this website the OSS (Office of Strategic Services) May 28, 1954 (Source: “The OSS and the CIA: 60 Years of Secrets”, Thomas Powers, p. 152) __________________ The following, published again today in the Washington Post, by Mike Brest: In a confidential memo four years ago to his assistant director for the Central Intelligence Agency, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff asked: “Why the hell can’t our boys read the stars?” In effect, he was referring to the United States Strategic Air Command, the nation’s oldest and most powerful military communications channel. With find more info than 6,000 bombers distributed around the globe ­— including intercontinental ballistic missiles aimed at the Soviet Union — SAC is America’s most potent weapon. But its effectiveness, and the ability of the Air Force to take advantage of information systems and satellites to integrate the skills of war fighters and physicists, relies on the accurate projections of the movements of comets, stars, planets and bright blobs of hot plasma spewed from the nose of a Soviet ICBM test missile. The fact that the United States has never been under nuclear threat today is due largely to the fact that the nation has calculated, with remarkable patience and intelligenceWhat are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? (Gann and others credit the ancient Egyptians for the technique they describe as “arcs and circles,” which is used by astronomers, mathematicians, and astronomers.) Of course we don’t have proof that the ancient Egyptians were the inventors of the “arcs and circles” method. It is quite plausible that they had developed methods of predicting planetary and solar positions prior to Gann. Indeed, the idea of an “arc” helpful resources “circle” predates the Greeks by several centuries — so then we don’t blame them. Could they have been the “inventor”? I agree that it’s quite pleasant to find out what part of the world we live in was known in the past or was contemplated by thinkers and writers, but that does not in itself prove that the people living in those times drew similar conclusions out of their observations.

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Not unless they also predicted the subsequent revolutions in science. After all, we don’t know how truly advanced they were, what the astronomical revolution they lived through was, or even if they were sufficiently advanced — they may have try here hunter gatherers living in tree houses observing the four elements of nature and using mathematics through numerology. Whatever one might think about the accuracy of the predictions, the technique is almost certainly historically look here It seems to be well understood that Gann used “artificial” (geometrical) correlations. In this sense it is similar to many other methods of solving problems of prediction, including the use of Taylor expansions. Gann did much more than just “knowing that the angles of conjunctions make a triangle” or “knowing that it’s probably Venus” or “knowing that Pluto is about 1.5 au from the sun”. He was using mathematics and astronomy to create a prediction which at least offered better accuracy than the go to my site techniques. Determining planetary positions is an amazing thing, done today by sophisticated computers, or by observations from many radio telescopes