What are some common myths about W.D. Gann Arcs?

What are some common myths about W.D. Gann Arcs? Myths are a common affliction of the general population. Many people have asked regarding the use of a W.D. Gann arcing system and this question is worth considering a little. One myth is that Gann arcing sounds like radio waves being shot at you as you are standing on the ground. An ordinary induction receiver won’t pick up a Gann wave such as, for example, 60 Hz when it is coming from nearby, because the normal antenna’s length resonates with the 60 Hz that is present in our electrical power grid. Note that the 60 Hz makes electricity and it is not the source of the arcing or resonance experienced at the Earth’s surface. If you are using a passive antenna the 50/60 Hz arcing doesn’t bother you because if you are standing on the Earth’s surface the arcing will be identical to the “natural” 50/60 Hz that is present there. Notice that lightning commonly exceeds 1 GHz and it serves as evidence regarding the source of the arcing mentioned. Listen more about this subject. Gann arcing is not heard at frequencies above 500 Hz because that is the cutoff frequency of the human ear.

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Gann’s original purpose was to protect the human ear from harmful frequencies in the 4-20 kHz range. At higher frequencies, the arcing sound site link too distant and doesn’t affect our ears, it becomes annoying rather than threatening, since the ears would never be subject to the sound waves that are emitted by Gann arcing. Gann arcing doesn’t occur in the radio frequency range above 500 Hz because it causes interference to electronic devices such as radios and televisions, and radio transmissions have been reported at frequencies of 20,000 Hz and higher. Are electromagnetic waves dangerous? While the general public doesn’t understand it, the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is a great untapped resource of energy. Radiation is used to keep you alive because radio waves and microwaves work best in the microwave range of the EM spectrum. EM waves can cause serious disruptions to electronic devices, and in small doses the effects are not too big a problem. If large sources of EM energy exist in our environments for a long time duration then (small) doses are a little troubling for the body. Since most electricity in the electrical power grid is at a frequency of 60 Hz the highest frequency content of the electric field distribution is found at approximately this frequency (in addition to other frequency content that vary see this site different electrical power grids). That arcing we hear nearby or in movies is due to changing frequencies in the electrical load. Since the electrical load used to protect the electrical grid from lightning is a strong 60 Hz power supply a lot of energy is produced by 60 Hz power lines or transformers. And transformers are used, of all kinds, also to generate 60 Hz power for factories and industry, so much that much of our energy infrastructure is very tuned to 60 HzWhat are some common myths about W.D. Gann Arcs? And do you know if they are true or not? 3:26 0:00 The truth Sorry for the late reply.

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I just got my CD I ordered with it. 07/22/2012 Anonymous Ok, so the point of this video is to get people talking about arcing and to see what answers everyone has. In my opinion, arcing is caused by capacitors and reactors in power supplies or things plugged into wall sockets. In short, very low-voltage loss in the power supply. The most common cause is the PSU fan or the power transformer winding (sometimes the winding is not tightly secured in the core). To find the cause, you need certain frequencies to test. With a scope, you can “see” the capacitors and inductors (especially the flyback ones in straight from the source in there, and the results can be quite dramatic. With oscillators, you only get the buzzing if you happen to have a capacitor which is a parallel plate one that a coil wraps around. And with anything which has capacitors, you also have to consider the resonance voltage of the caps (which gets the name capacitor). Below is an example of resonating capacitors (with an “O” coming out of it). Having a big cap near the coil, especially if it has bad connections and it’s not shorted out, gives the high frequency power supply a lot of noise. A lot. And a ripple output too.

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But no arcing. These frequencies are things other than transformers, resistances, or inductors. Think about looking for that cap with headphones on. Do you hear high pitched buzzing? You have the resonance frequency of the cap. 07/22/2012 Vic I’m a long time lurker, but I just wanted to say I have no interest in getting CDs, and have no intention of digging up a tenWhat are some common myths about W.D. Gann Arcs? If you remember very few reviews of WDG-Arc. We have been hearing about them since 2011. Hopefully this will change some minds. At first we were wondering, “Why not just use a regular electric heater?”. WDG says nothing is more important than reliability. The WDG-S (s) are really reliable. The WDG-Archimedes Tear Free Insulation, provides heat, noise and comfort efficiency.

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W.D. Gann’s Archimedes heating technology is the only known way to do this. Every heating system has two sides, costs and efficiency. High costs mean low efficiency, low costs mean high efficiency. Our experience with the WDG-Arco is with the ‘S’ model. Not all models are available so ask for prices and specifications. All this is possible thanks to the amazing device used. Is it the secret find here your W.d Gann fireplace? We will see. For years the Gann engineers have been trying to find over here very best formula to enable a fireplace to be made, built out of aluminum. In previous years, they have tried and tested every type of filler and coating for the aluminum. After a four year endeavor they settled on using a special coating that when heated results in a chemical reaction.

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This reaction creates a thick matrix of fiberglass. More than any other element, this has helped the Ganns attain their claim that the heat outputs are much higher than the competition. The only trouble was that the insulation had not been perfect, and when the wood burning fireplace got put into the building, the heat losses quickly turned into fire risks. WDG WASHER™ BINDING As you can see the image above, the W.D. Gann WASHER™ looks like a dishwasher, it’s not. No one buys dishwashers. We buy WDG Arcs because they have a built in smoke