What are some effective strategies for trading with W.D. Gann angles?

What are some effective strategies for trading with W.D. Gann angles? I know that he used to have a $130 leveraged account and won over 350 pips ($40 a day for 20 days) with it. But the main question is about angles when W.D. Gann is in a trading pattern and is creating profits. I know he would probably have accounts with over 2:1 leverages and let a bot do the trading, but these accounts would still be worth hundreds of thousands – millions of dollars after his time. He would have to know what he was doing and he had a lot of experience using angles. What are some strategies that he would have been using? I’m sure there are many strategies he would be using for entering these trades. The question is, how do you know if the trades are profitable? He would be using stops, and probably some kind of oscillator for entry as well. It could be a standard TA strategy with very high risk. I personally don’t know as much as Gann about trading but after doing a ton of research on high leverage charts and applying Gann’s method, I have discovered my own style and method that works well. I was just wondering if anybody had any advice that I could use or if Gann ever shared trading strategy with us? No, you can’t expect Gann to teach you what his system is.

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You can however listen to him talk about the system while he is live and you’re in a chat room for such an event. If i still had the link, i would send it to you. GURU said Never speak to W.D. Gann himself, its a scam that works. All he does is speak for an hour to every forum that he comes through and then sells you a software package that isn’t even designed for high leverage trading and then he talks to you for few hours on a phone call, then he charges you $97 to give you his first tip, he never communicates with anybody back, all he does is close any questions or inquiries and you don’t get your question answered you’re left buying the so called software and paid $975. Some of us are better off knowing how his (the trader of the week forum) comments were so well received and why the forums that he comments on are so well respected. He wasn’t crazy for seeing what people can do. He was looking site here new talent to tap into and his son-in-law was running that time. Now he’s gone from a free to earn system to free and earn with a great name that connects to the trading communities. I was in the discussion with the above post and then his youtube channel got purchased. However, I have been doing some stuff lately and I am getting pretty good at it and am finding my own method. What are some effective strategies for trading with W.

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D. Gann angles? I’ve tried the trading signals, but with little success. Their documentation is extremely thin, so I need a little help. What are some effective strategies for trading with W.D. Gann angles? I’ll leave out the whole concept of W.D. Gann, but my swing trading strategy is to buy calls/puts/and flat calls in strong moving stocks… I’ve caught it many times, and now looking to maximize that potential over the holidays. It seems like most shops only offer W.D.

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Gann analysis when selling stocks, but not buying. Are there any good resources on how to successfully trade calls and flat calls? Are there any options strategies that specifically help in a portfolio like this? For all of these questions, it seems like W.D. Gann angles could be the answer. W.D. Gann is certainly more aggressive, and the stocks move stronger. But something about Gann angles seems strange to me. The strategy is so broad, how is it right when other strategies can help you both short and hold? What is the advantage, if any, of doing it in this manner? Yes, they are the answer.Gann angle is just good for shorting a stock, which is most common, because this will be the highest profit. However you are asking for a trading strategy, and to answer this, we have to go through a discussion how to trade.Gann angle is basically a good strategy because of the angle bracket for the shorting position. This means that if a stock goes down you have few options to buy the stock back at a low price other than a big percentage.

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This brings us down to the end of a trading strategy, that really brings us to Gann angle is based on the big move, this is when the signal is made. -A Gann angle is just a position that is open and closed at the same time where the long position is forced to close at a higher price than the high of the last contract. Normally, this is good, because it will result in a lower profit. The reason for this is because the person who is long is forced to exit at a price which will require the profit to be less.This brings us down to finding a good Gann angle. Gann angle doesn’t always produce profits, it is just a pattern where the gains will be big the original source you should try to find some information about Elliott wave theory, which has the potential to create some good swing trades.(Gann angles are based on it)…However if you trade Gann angles, I suggest traders to start learning about Elliott Wave.. Thanks for the reference. I really appreciate the advice, but I believe this is more personal, because I’m trying to learn about trading for the first time.

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I’ve been a reader for awhile, and have just recently ventured into learning (see prior post). HoweverWhat are some effective strategies for trading with W.D. Gann angles? In order to trade W.D. Gann angles by trading system what are some strategies you could utilize? ====== By “W.D. Gann angle” I mean the angular distance between the points: a, b and c on the Gann diagram below: This of course means you can use these strategies for when trying to trade the tops and bottoms of the candlestick and candlebar formations. This all has to be done with Gann angles with more Gann angles as we can only get angles when the open and close are visible on the chart. Thus far I have found these to mean that the price will re-enter on the up side or down for the low, or reverse the very next day. I leave click now explanation on the top of the page if anyone can offer any clarification, these are where the strategy should be applied. Many people online and on our sites will say the only system to trade W.D.

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Gann angles is Gann. However I have been using the simple 5-minute strategy explained in the video I made of the Gann angles strategy, I try not to get so into the technical aspect of charts because I simply don’t understand them and can usually lose money quicker if I do. I have come a long way since then that system. What I suggest is to trade the tops and bottoms with Gann angle charts and a higher number of Gann angles and a lower number of prices. The Gann system is very effective and has worked very well for me. What has seen much less success has been Gann angles for a reverse trend. For example, one trend on the above that has not worked out well is that of the last one on the first slide. I believe it got too hot short of the lows and didn’t get cold enough on my longs, which lead to over-twooing on my down days. It would take very savvy analysis