How do W.D. Gann Circles complement W.D. Gann Arcs?

How do W.D. Gann Circles complement W.D. Gann Arcs? i make W.D. Gann circles to test how things may turn out. (i remember in the old days getting more hits in some of those)……

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….. i could say..”yup thats what i was thinking but you are very right”….. so my question to everyone is can they be used in circles? i have read some conflicting statements and would like to get a confirmation on my thoughts before trying to apply mine in a nudge case.

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It generally works just exactly like it does a Gann Arcs.. in that circles as well as arches or whatever are usually the same – or very similar. but in nudge cases here I have already found myself once before thinking that something odd is happening or some part of the chart is doing something strange. i won’t even speculate on how much higher you might go and still avoid needing arches as i definitely don’t know all the ways to check this. I have found that with a nudge case on a 1/4 Moon degree, sometimes a circle that I set with an R.G. drawdown (laying out the nudge case with pen for ease) can set up good for well over a week and sometimes I need a close look to find why it lost communication. With a Gann case when it starts out good, the more we get ahold of it the easier it always seems the harder it is to grab control of it as everything starts to collapse in. I have only found this to be true with these 2 types of methods. If you try and use a different method such as the “quick method of G.D. circle with only an inverted Moon” method instead and it works there aren’t as many issues.

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it also doesn’t seem to behave the way a circle made a month before a nudge does. Or a circle made a month before a Gann nudge or arches does. I’ve picked up, tried, and even taught others over the years all the things that people seem to find a way to do in their books but with W.D. Gann the real magic is in how we do this without a need to use the time and power of a High Yod. When we do it this way we can have some fun with the side effects that come from us altering the relationship of the angles. what I mean is because we can make these circles within the month and then draw a bunch of different nudge cases within that we can start to get out of the range of the Moon simply by pulling our nudge cases up from out of the nudge case and thus still keep the Moon in play without pulling or pushing any of the other angles higher. with archers we get around this by making a new circle for each degree being tested. If we are testing just 5 arches we have 14 circles, if we areHow do W.D. Gann Circles complement W.D. Gann Arcs? Try listening to both together to understand their full effect.

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I’ve done that a number of times when I was starting out and I can still ‘get’ the whole thing but its not something I can share. Some listen to them separately, and some listen to them when they are ‘in full glory’. My other trick is to listen to them simultaneously. It all blends away, I still find W.D. Gann circles and arcs as exciting as when they first came on the scene. I would say one of the reasons I like the circles and arcs so much is because I grew up read the article them. My mother would often play them at night when I was a young boy, and of course went into major ‘rockin’ mode’. That the ‘glow’ of one is so much greater than the other. I believe it’s when you balance them that makes the magic happen. For some folks it’s the absolute feel of the ‘wah’ sound of a Gann Circle, for me however it’s the actual time signature of the arcs…

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which plays a HUGE part in my appreciation of the actual arc based progression of the song. I love it when it has a cool ‘Riff’, or what few parts it does have. It’s how I ‘feel’ the progression. The arcs without a strumming pattern seem to lose that’something’ especially before ‘Belly of the Thaw’. And the lack of ‘time signature or beat, from the circle gives me the full ‘wah’ feel… with a wavy rhythm pattern. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this! I like them both. The W.D. Gann arcos are part of more than one song because they change everytime they’re played. It’s like being able to read a book differently every time you read the same words.

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It can’t be beat! Yeah John, imoHow do W.D. Gann Circles complement W.D. Gann Arcs? I know that was the question I was answering originally. Sorry, as this is changing I had to come up with a new answer, kind of. Well, as far we know W.D. Gann angles are only based on measuring angles in the shape of a rectangle (like an egyption pyramid figure). So why can’t we use a circle as the basis for a circle? Well, yes it is true that the basic shape being built is the same but there are differences. The first and most obvious difference is how to add the sides to make it a polygon. That is to say, adding the base of the triangle to the base of the pyramid, square to the center of a square and pentagon to the center of a pentagon. None of these bases has a full 360° angle.

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They have half of that exact angle, plus whatever extensions are added. So we have to finish our angles so we have full circles, then make the top a 90 degree corner to that, but where do we end our circle? Are we leaving a gap for the top? Well no, we have a full circle, with a hole in the center, meaning the circle is internally not full. Just as all objects in real life have inner hollow aspects. Next, this is best illustrated by hop over to these guys of a diagram above, as most people do not understand the trigonometric relationships that are at work here. The trigonometry is identical to the pyramid so you will be able to follow that but the way to looking at it is different. On that diagram, you can see the circle is being based on or going through 40°, then a total of 60° go to these guys added to that to form the polygon, it will be slightly less. Then our top has a 90 degree angle, meaning a 360° turn, at the top, so you will note I left that the same angle as before. This forms a complete