How do traders use W.D. Gann Arcs in technical analysis?

How do traders use W.D. Gann Arcs in technical analysis? W.D. Gann is the name you probably have heard in the technical/fundamental analysis industry for the past 50 years as one of the fathers of Modern Long Wave Theory. For those of us who stumbled into this industry casually, working with a trader (or several traders) on getting started was how I learned about this thing called technical analysis. I don’t know what it was like to be taught this stuff by a trader or to work with a large group official source high active traders because working with a group like that would have cost me all my money. . But even before I traded or learned about the W.D. Gann Arc, I was always looking for a different curve to explain what my charts were showing in a way that fit without being ridiculously complicated. Gann put the math behind that puzzle together and answered a question that had been a puzzle for 50 years. I can’t remember exactly when it was that I learned about it, but I came across it somewhere and then started teaching it to my students.

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I learned it inside out, in its arc from the very base of a chart. I learned how to adapt the Gann curve to my charts and trade on it. On the surface, I thought the theory was just something to be taught in a class, like any other. Then I learned how to teach it (from my teacher in the industry, whose name I deliberately kept a secret for reasons I will make clear below). And one day the class teacher called me and said I should teach Gann’s theory because I had a feel for it. And since I’d invested so much time with concepts like momentum and overboughtness before coming to grips with the W.D. Gann theory, it was something I knew so well from watching my own charts and trading on them, I could give a practical introduction to it. When I learned how to teach, I knew exactly what I was talking about,How do traders use W.D. Gann Arcs in technical analysis? You know that I was asked in some of my previous postings for the answer to that question. Well here are the facts: 1.) most sites

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D. Gann traders never use this indicator ; 2.) they say more because the arc is so difficult to use. ; 3.) they say there’s no such thing as a perfect indicator and therefore should be used as a measuring stick rather than an indicator. ; 4.) Most if not all of the W.D. Gann traders never log the numbers on the W.D. Gann Arcs themselves (such as the C/P nursing homework help service which I’ve illustrated in the image below). That is considered too much trouble for most successful traders. When they do log those numbers this is what most of the traders want first and foremost out of their indicators, “as much accuracy as possible”, for it’s how they communicate to price action.

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Now there are a number of people out there who do log their arrows and numbers. Many of the W.D. Gann forums are full and growing of forums (at the time of this writing) where traders are actually trading the numbers and arrows on the W.D. Gann Arcs. They publish their arrows and published their numbers (which they interpret however they want). Some of the posts are to help explain the what. some of the others are to go on about trading philosophy etc and some are an exchange of trading strategies, but all are welcome. There are also a number of other W.D. Gann indicator websites out there some listed in my image below. Many of them are private members forum.


Some print books are out there offering trading advice. As I have said before many successful traders will tell you what to do and will lay out the rules for successful trading. What I can’t stand to see is where successful traders show up and give this kind of advice: “This type of trading is this way and such style does or doesn’tHow do traders use W.D. Gann Arcs in technical analysis? Hi everyone, ive been using WD Gann Arcs and its been so helpful and made me get my head around technical analysis. I read lots of blogs but ive only started reading Joe G’s. I know his arc is considered old, but is highly regarded. How does everyone use them? I mainly use MMIe arcing charts hi, i was trying to use WD Gann arcs to draw a fibonacci retracement, and i am not sure if the arcs are what i came to expect(the horizontal ones). i wonder if these would be what i came to expect (circles): can any one tell me which is the expected way to use WD Gann Ampers and which is the expected way to use WD Gann lines/arcs first one is a nl2r line and second is a a horizontal line that goes in the same direction as the movement of the arc also I did a practice example where I connected a Gann Crossover with a Support or Resistance Line in the form of a double angle. that would be: example 1: GANn Retracement Line example 2: resistance line = 2 angle GANn Support Line(a double angle) can anybody confirm this? Hello, ive been told to use arcs in my day to day trading. My question is: Would the simplest ROC style shown on image b have the same results as the more complex WD Gann Arc shown on picture C. Thanks Hi, I first got my information about using WD gann arc from Joe G himself, but I have read a few people discuss this subject in here too. I also ask you guys from what do you use the WD gann arc, is it just to add a perspective and visualize the possible movement? If so, do you still add the standard ROC style for the analysis.

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