What is the purpose of using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?

What is the purpose of using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?* As written in the book, “I have a theory the purpose of using this technique is to control the future by dictating it before it is even written.” Can it work?* The W.D. Gann technique is based on the premise all human activity is in direct and intentional communication with other life forms through telepathy. While skeptics may dismiss this theory as delusional, it was once called the “parapsychological, paranormal.” But, even today, in our world where it turns out most of us also experience certain levels of paranormal and psychic phenomena, it remains a contentious issue. However, in my studies I found there is consensus that using Gann arcs and circles can be very effective when properly mastered. I was under the impression when it comes to this technology it was most effective for more spiritual types. Frankly I’m more interested in practical applications. The book describes W.C.

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Broughton “as one of the world’s few psychic-clairvoyants capable of predicting imminent disasters, revealing hidden information, and revealing the future through trance states” (Gann, p. 15). My question is, why? What is the probability of this specific method being adopted for the purpose of controlling the future? *From the book “The Art of the Gann” by W.D. Gann Part One of the Technique The purpose of this technique is to predict disasters, reveal hidden information and reveal the future…. As for now, I will consider all the possibilities of what it might be in order to get my mind in a place where it can access the information and make the connections. I will address two types of information from here on out. All the information on this audio from Gann techniques I took from the book The Art OfWhat is the purpose of using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? What is the Purpose of Using W.

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D.GannArcs and Circles in the Forecasts? The data is, by nature, available and accessible on the internet, available upon any device. So, a question arises in mind, what is the purpose of using Circle of Gann’s arcs in the forecasts, whether the forecast could have been told without the use of Arc? I think this is not based on a scientific basis. Science is the ability to test and confirm. I think this is based on what the data that is available official website to be interpreted and the way most is looked at does not factor in any past studies using Gann Circles. I feel this was a very important question because it is very different then picking somebody’s stock or forecasting in general. their website question relates directly to why W.D.Gann arcs have been used in the Forecasts. I look at the data to question and analyze questions such as what exactly W.D. Gann Arcs, if used, were added to the Forecast to achieve? Was this Continued merely promote Gann’s work or was it a sign of desperation and or failure of data to confirm Gann’s data? Could this data have been handled as a basic interpretation of the data, Gann circles, instead of trying to create a technical analysis tool for the data? Thursday, February 17, 2015 This quote is from Jean de la Croix, 17th century: “Men cannot eat diamonds;” You read everything, never miss a word and never fail to surprise me with your insight. I had a friend one time who was always telling me something that shocked me.

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This was that I should buy some stocks, he told me you were always surprised by what you heard and listened to. It is the same with this quote. What if he was telling me to buy some stocks, in my brain I somehow would have said “I can’t eat them”; I don’t know! The point is I didn’t write down the quote, but I think that I might have assumed that the result, whatever I might have expected to be told, would be a negative. This was not the case, the result was positive and worth paying to find out. In your articles and newsletters, you have talked about the importance, not of surprises, but of the positive surprise. I think I have now identified why it is is important to be shocked to know it as well has to come from a surprise, the positive, surprise. Being shocked, or surprised and alert on the basis of data is in my experience a positive surprise that allows me to make correct decisions afterwards. No longer being taken by surprise means, I guess most the time, a failure of that shock, and by the time it happens, it might be too late to can someone do my nursing homework So, I guess that the good surprise, as well as bad surprises, have to be shockers. What is the purpose of using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? I usually find that I come across W.D. Gann Circles and Arcs being used to protect and trap persons unknowingly.

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Therefore, I always find it to be beneficial for myself. I, at times, refer to these formations simply using the initials W.D. Gann. I sometimes would state that if I need to protect a personal power within me, I draw an ark above me using W.D. Gann Circle points along with a few arcs nearby in a protective energetic frequency, and begin to chant a sacred statement or sound any number of times that would be resonant with the purpose to protect what you can find out more wish to protect. In another case, using the same protocol, I would use W.D. Gann Cracks or Energetic Vacuum to create a line that is free of density and vibrates in a much higher energetic frequency. Then, I would draw an arc and create a protective shield, while repeatedly chanting a sacred statement before I am finished. Ex. In the case that allows me to protect a personal empowerment, I would generate a protective shield, when chanting the sacred statement, while all the while it was resonant with what I am protecting.

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I then place it on my third eye, and move it to the other chakras on my body adding each one as needed to ensure that I have protected and harnessed it around each area. To do this with someone else, I simply perform either one of the protocols above along with the chant, allowing enough time for it to sink in and be resonant to them. Instead of the W.D. Gann Circle protocol, I find that I end up using a G.S. Mathers Square for protection, still leaving each chakra on my body with a shield. The purpose of using the Mathers Square versus the W.D. Gann Circle protocol is at this time, personal preference.