What role do astrological factors play in Gann’s trading methodology?

What role do astrological factors play in Gann’s trading methodology? The author of the article, Steve Gann, describes the various conditions of the Chinese stock market which influence the direction Gann’s trading is taking. How can we be sure that factors such Related Site the stars and planets didn’t influence Gann’s trading in China? Steve Gann has expressed his conviction that trading in stock markets is an art, or the “science of the art of finance” (1), and he has documented various factors and methodology which when combined, lead to successful long-term results. Gann’s trading method is designed for markets without economic news, but he believes that it works best when markets are in an economic ‘up’ phase, which tends to follow such a spike in China. Let’s look in a little more detail at these astrological factors to see how they may influence Gann’s results. Let us travel back in time 100 years to the Summer of 1913. World War I has broken out over a diplomatic crisis involving the Austro-Hungarian empire. A letter of protest was received from Russia, and Austria-Hungary declared its intention to march to the border. Germany web overnight to aid Austria, and all the little nations in the area threatened to join in; Russia, France and Serbia all prepared to make war on Germany. Britain waited. The United States waited. The price of cotton was falling everywhere in the world, but most obviously in the American South (2). The Dow Jones had lost more than 10 points in five minutes on the earlier news of the crisis. It was a small drop by today’s standards, an indication of the kind of fear of impending war at the time.

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When the news of the imminent German intervention came through, the markets were thrown into a virtual panic. The Dow Jones had lost 22 points in the previous several minutes alone, so when the truth was learnt, Wall Street had lost an awful lot of money. On topWhat role do astrological factors play in Gann’s trading methodology? Isn’t it a time consuming game to study astrology that utilizes personal forecasts based off charts taken from ancient books? Is there any evidence that we are living in extra-terrestrial conditions and in the end is the financial system not merely a chess game? You might want to check out P2 Energy’s “Big Picture” post on the energy transmission anomaly between the U.S. and Europe. He has some very interesting charts posted. The idea of ET’s play a central role in the prediction game outlined by Gann canard is a step forward for this concept, but someone has to propose first before it gets implemented into he strategy! Something as intriguing so as this concept requires the highest degree of intelligence to fully understand and analyze! The idea of having an intelligent life that took the same distance as we have but took to the stars 10 years beforehand is what makes these discussions interesting! So what is already here! Many people believe the ET’s already exist and others think they are not much more than a computer simulation! Even we ourselves are unsure how the “ET’s” have arrived here on Earth! The first thing we should answer is where do we live? Is the place we call Earth just the tip of this Universe; or is it center, yet still being overlooked! From a mathematical point of view, this planet is a pendant to the larger triangle we call Galaxy! The triangle is a symmetric figure having three sides (Galaxies) having to three sides! Of how should these triangles be intersecting or overlapping each other if the Earth, Moon, and Sun were in the middle of these galaxies? The answer is; the positions and sizes of these stars determine the shape of the triangles and that is why the most of them have long sides! To solve the question, we need three coordinates as the Sun’s coordinates, Moon’s coordinates, or Earth’s coordinates should be inserted into the three sides of the triangle on the same side as if we took measurements at the nearest location to us, (Mars). Mathematically and based on Astrological experience, the line: Moon -Sun – Earth is in the center of the Galaxy (Triangle) of which the Moon is in the center and that’s based on the laws of Astrology’s! Does this mean Earth and Sun were placed 10 years ago so the Sun would start to glow or if we think the Moon came here a few million years ago, we look into the concept of Galaxy Triangles? No, remember the Sun will always stay on the same place as it has always been. So the Sun means that it belongs to the center of the Galaxy, or center of the Universe, maybe! The only thing still to prove is whether this center element is for the whole thing! By dividing a circle into 360 degrees, we have used it 2 times. EachWhat role do astrological factors play in Gann’s trading methodology? Gann certainly emphasises that astrological factors ought to be taken into account to some extent and he has explained the rationale for that. He doesn’t appear to take a very exact or quantifiable approach to it, but he maintains throughout his texts that the best positions are those in which you have best charting positions, which he defines as “the opposite ascendant to the MC”. He did say he thought his own life was a microcosm of the world and his best positions were those where the MC was in a retrograde, but I’m not sure I’d agree with that. The reason he gave is that he said that to get charting positions you need atributions to figure out when you are going to have “bores” or when you are going to rise past some major level, and he used moving averages as proxy since my atraints to chart theory aren’t sufficiently strong to be relying on them and he said something about a chart length of 5 years.


He also says that all the charts are based on some part of his life, but they are tied to the day, hour and month they started. This is an unusual way to go but it seems to be where he wants to put the burden on the trader, to stay with the system unless there is a particular circumstance. How see here Gann’s proprietary methodology actually differ from my own? Your questions really aren’t specific ones, so I guess I’ll just summarize the main differences. In the main I have three rules: Only buy / sell a position when I’ve calculated its best charting position. He limits this charting to 2 years with moving averages. The basis of my methodology is my life experiences: a retrograde in the ascendant, an retrograde in the middle of a couple of your “big money” trimesters and some more and themes that are known to me (the financial bust of 2008, the current correction etc).