What are the key principles behind W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?

What are the key principles behind W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? First, everything is under the guidance of God almighty. God the Father is the sole source of good and wisdom. Man is the servant of God alone. The same as Jesus Christ. Secondly, everything is under the guidance and control of the ‘Father’, as the ‘Father’ is God the Father and the ‘Father’ as Jesus is the Son. Thirdly, this is the way we see how the Father is the ‘Source’ of what is available as the basis for how everything works and is designed to work. The Father and Son are simply the best explanation for what is happening here and ‘one’ understanding is that they are “in the world but not of the world”. This makes much more sense to us, when we this hyperlink that it is Father Jesus who is the Son made flesh and the Father and Son are one. Understand that when we know that God the Father is calling Jesus of Nazareth’s name as sites is “in the world”, then we will have a fundamental understanding of who God is. Everything happens in the Spirit, because the Father is the Master and Creator of the Spirit. God the Father has chosen to operate and direct this Universe in perfect harmony with what he has designed for it to work at this state of Creation as the universe functions at the highest state of perfection as far as to reach.

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God the Father wishes and has accepted our invitation to come into the world of Time and Space and to be here with us and for our learning and development. God is here for the benefit of all. This is the ‘understanding’ why everything is always good. That is to say that the whole universe, created in wisdom and harmony has come together in perfect and absolute harmony just to allow for humankind and our learning. This is our calling for life in the world. This is whatWhat are the key principles behind W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? By J. Gary DiLeo, W.D. Gann, and the Golden Eagle, 2010 Prelude 1 The laws of nature that create and govern the circular flow of events (cycles) are the primary source of all time and as we change these natural laws create new cycles of events. These laws are the only predictable consistent order or pattern through which human events unfold. The arcless lines of force that connect the center and shell of the planet and the subtle electromagnetic fields that can be felt in the body is the energetic heart of who we are.

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As we participate openly in the movements of these lines of energy we create personal cycles that are in harmony with our spiritual nature. The universal vortex is the center from whence the energy of existence draws its life force. Prelude 2 Every atom in the universe is connected and lives in unison as ONE with the energy field that surrounds the earth. Nature itself is a living substance; an intelligence, a current of power, a stream of energy which responds to the evolutionary consciousness of man. A portion of that dynamic energy cannot be perceived by the human eye because it courses through all space and through all matter at the sub-atomic scale. One might further say that it is like psychic energy, but it not: for it is not a ‘thing’, but an energy pattern. A human being lives in constant communion with this universal energy as an individual and as a group of people who share a common goal. In general we define the energy as electromagnetic or the magnetic, which is defined as a combination of the magnet and electricity. It is the subtle but unified basis of physical matter. The field which surrounds the earth contains the material and the spiritual combined into a singleWhat are the key principles behind W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? To understand them, we first will refer back to John’s statement from his book “The Beginning of the Creation.” In this book he directly quotes Jesus’ saying at John 1:1, “The Word became flesh”.

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The idea that Jesus is not just a man made in the image of God, but the “Word” God is not just a word, a set of definitions or a set of ideas. The meaning is not words, but actions. Jesus is the Word who came here and lived, therefore He is both “flesh” and at the center of the universe even before creation came into being. The man Jesus, himself, was flesh and lived on the earth–the only one who had this ability that living on the earth. The word that W.D. Gann uses to describe Jesus’ “being” as pre-existent is “womb”. The word “womb” actually is the feminine imperative of what in Greek is called “the Word”. While in English the words are grammatically gender neutral, the meaning of each clearly is the feminine imperative of the masculine imperative, respectively. John actually makes these meanings clear when he says “This same ‘Word’ which was with God, and was also God”. In the Greek the masculine imperative is translated to “The same/ “equivalent”. The passive of the feminine imperative of the masculine imperative is “trans”, thus “The same/ “equivalent” Word.” In John’s words, “This means “womb”, and since “womb” refers to the female or female aspect of humanity, that by definition gives us the entire human race as “Son” or “Sonah.

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” Right in the title itself. Anybody who has ever taken a maternity course will immediately see that being a person within this definition it the female imperative of the masculine imperative “Word’s” feminine imperative “Beam”, i.e. “Be-Womb.” Since the “Word