What are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?

What are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? Thanks, Paul. I have read your web site and found great, interesting material. However, it appears that the numerology aspect of the work has been largely neglected up (or ignored) by the astrologers under your tutelage, though the subject is a fascinating subject in its own right. It is the purpose of this e-mail to request and inquire as to what knowledge you have of the writings of W.D. Gann in the areas of Numerology. As it stands, I will require a minimum 75 plus pages. Kind Regards – Gary R. Lewis – W. D. Gann/ Numerological Interpretation Gary Lewisthatnk at comcast dot net is my internet handle.

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Note that the e-mail may be responded to by way of my e-mail. Gary Cecelia Hays wrote: Good day, My name is Cecelia Hays and I am in a book club, that is how I know this letter. The book is a novel called, The Book of Souls and it is a re-elaboration of a book he also wrote by the same name, “The Book of Shadows.” The novel was written in 1977 or better yet, 1978. I sent you last week’s email regarding how I came to have this book and I have researched everything I can about him. I live in Oregon, between San Fran and the Portland area. I also have a Facebook account. I do recall that your school was affiliated with, or in anyway belonged to, the same network that my book club was. Anyway, we talked about numerology and I truly believe in it. A connection to W.D. Gann’s writings. Either directly or indirectly.

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Also, Mr. Gann’s writings and philosophies are very closely woven into the novel. That it is why I asked to correspond with you, instead of just sending my book to you. I wanted to see if there was a way, that I could crack the nursing assignment something in our novel, in reference to the novel, “The Book of Shadows.” Well, I just came across something recently, and it seems to pertain to a book about W.D. Gann, that we are reading, and I had never even heard of it before, so I went online and discovered it. It’s called “The Mystery of An Unknown Man.” I have a copy of the book, but I did not get it here, in Oregon, but I did order it off Amazon. It was a surprise to me this appeared, out of nowhere. You can look up the author and see information about the book on Amazon.com. We are reading only the first few chaptersWhat are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.

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D. Gann Arcs and Circles?” The question is simple and straight forward. Yet some will claim why not look here certain aspects of the question don’t actually apply to W.D. Gann because he never stated any predictions, so it doesn’t count. This is a transparent ploy by some skeptics to ignore and deny the vast amount of research done in the 80’s and 90’s on W.D. Gann’s work, and his methods. The author who made this claim, David Edwards, is a non-Native American, thus not taking into consideration the fact that he can neither observe nor interpret some Native American mystical world view. In fact, with the limited access he has, he doesn’t know it’s even possible for him to access. By all means, his work as a skeptic on W.D. Gann is admirable; however using what he calls facts, he makes the valid observation that Native American spirituality is a non-Western one and one he doesn’t know enough about to comment on.

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On W.D. Gann he states: “As a human being I learn new things as I age, and as a white American, I am a part of European history” to further state that “The W.D. Gann case is like me saying, as I read about this case, ‘I know I get to make this claim’”. As the quotes show, he still has a stance to criticize him. Yet, as the author doesn’t understand W.D. Gann, he can’t give his own interpretation of him since there are thousands of books that have already done so, thus the sole fact of his bias is exposed. It is sad to say that W.D. Gann supporters as a whole don’t seem to care about the integrity of their position and thus display a lack of academic integrity inWhat are some historical examples of successful predictions made using W.D.

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Gann Arcs and Circles? I.E. They exist With more observations, I can make a prediction more reliable. What are known methodologies for predicting future observations? I.E. If I know how to use W.D. Gann Circles, I may be able to form what is known as an almanac? To many, Gann Circles and Arcs have a very powerful allure because astrology is thought to help people understand the past and future events and decisions that they make in their lives. More on this below. William D. Gann and William F. Gann as shown on the For any given point in time, people are thinking to this ‘gibbous’ shape. More will follow this, and that same thing will always be observed.

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From https://scicastyle.info/scicastylepage.php?p=astrology/arcs-circles/gann-circle-arc#gann-circle-form And today more than ever, people really want to know about the future. Those who claim to have an almanac are commonly believed to be telling only the truth, because they promise so. And they are, because most people think that they are making accurate predictions with Gann Circles when in fact most of their predictions are simply nothing more than a speculation of what will happen, when because they don’t understand the visit our website There is a large market for this ‘sort of thing,’ called fortune telling. There is a further history of W.D. Gann circles. But what has happened to the fortune telling market in the wake of computerized calculations? These predictions are used to decide whether to buy or sell stocks. And on the market sometimes one stock or another will ‘win.’ Why buy or sell a particular stock based on which W.D.


Gann Circle appears on an economic astrologer’s chart? Gann’s are drawn in, on, and around the Ascendant. These circles all have different ranges, and it is something for you to decide if they are ‘too close to the ‘doe,’ or ‘too far to where the doe resides? In other words, is too little of an arc around the Ascendant making a lot of ‘inconclusive’ circles, or does it offer a reasonable prediction? So, the Asc. (Cusp), is the Rising Sign, and the Desc. (Cusp,) the Setting or Setting Sign, for the Ascendant. What are the signs of the planets? In astrology, you would have a Cusp if the Ascendant conjunct the Rising Sign. Cusp means that the Asc. is on a hair line, or on a true circle