How do you interpret the symmetry of W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?

How do you interpret the symmetry of W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? I answered as completely as possible in a timely fashion on this page. The main lines of evidence are: According to the theory of geomorphology, the water source underlying the Nile valley was caused by uplifting and faulting.(Itarion Book 13.3.4) This means the Nile valley is not a permanent water table, the lake level rises and falls, but it never disappears. Any hole in the valley bottom that once received water is constantly filled by new water-ways as the surface rises and falls, the number one surface change was caused by the Deluge Flood. The big volume of water that flooded the Nile valley completely covered the former valley bed. According to the theory of geophysical events, the source of the Nile changed periodically at regular intervals. According to the timing of the Deluge Flood and the time span of the Neoproterozoic event about 450 Mya, the total flooding of the Nile valley was a short period of four and learn the facts here now half million years (2/3 of total history) when the land level was close to current heights(Book 7.2.2).

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So we may conclude the water source was periodic, and the duration of the event is 4.5 My. Another cause is the variation of latitude (in °C) 25° and 64°, due to the variation of the tilt of the Earth’s North-South axis. The change frequency is about 4 to 7 ka /(1.2 million years.) According to these two theories, the size and form of the ancient water source is not constant; when the Nile valley finished flooding, it was not small or a simple circle, it was a huge circle or arc. This is why the ancient source now is on the Nuba Mt in Northeastern Sudan. Where is the former water source? It is on the Nuba Mt just 24km SSEof Wadi Halfa, it is aHow do you interpret the symmetry of W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? W.D. Gann said that the arc of the circle has these three identical arcs or radials with each radius equal to the circumference of go to website circle, hence there are 360 in all. Circles therefore have symmetry.

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He called this ‘radial power’. The next step he called’spherical symmetry’ because we see circular symmetry in all areas of nature we observe – the human eye, the human face, the eye/camera system on satellites, the human body, a man’s feet, a man’s hands… and so on. Another aspect of symmetry is number because numbers are made up of prime numbers so prime numbers are more diverse than any other numbers and so the more diverse numbers give a more diverse outcome from a collection of numbers. Symmetry in number tells you how many different outcomes are possible. These outcomes show that a complex universe is a relatively simple place. W.D. Gann’s law is that every closed loop in nature keeps on creating new loops of the same length. He said that the universe is symmetrical in how it works, which came later when he found that the prime numbers are the most symmetrical numbers. What does that reveal? We see nature’s symmetry, order in creation and there are no endings in the universe of matter.

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Note that we do not use the word equilibrium or symmetry between positive and negative forces because nature creates both at the same time and so there is no equilibrium and no signs or patterns of asymmetry in the way the universe works Why do we use the word symmetry? Symmetry reveals the underlying structure of nature, it shows us what is hidden and it helps us to understand and possibly predict what might happen in the future. It also shows us the power that this order in nature has. When an order is shown to us, we generally think of that order as being helpful, as being in control and as making it easier to feel that nature is benevolentHow do you interpret the symmetry of W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? The nature of Nature is always to have a Law-giving, Systematising Personality directing, and carrying on all the affairs. God is to us no other than the Human Reason, an Extension of our Being; and as we are able to come to an End of our own existence, so also every thing is able to have a Creative Reason in him. (From An Explanation of the Reason why the Universe is orderly: and Man thinks fit to make himself Lord of it). The Pythagorean Doctrine of the Eternity of the World and Human Soul is this, that man has a Soul, or anima, that abides still when all things else perish, for even air and fire perish, and yet the anima is as eternal and as true. This is not to be ridiculed, for it is indeed a great truth, and of effectual power to free men from every kind of sorrow and sorrows. The most difficult question, whether there be a First Cause of all Things, is not the most pertinent one; for while it cannot be known for certain whether Man exists in Time or not, it is nevertheless abundantly clear that Man certainly exists and cannot possibly be produced without a Creator. God created man in his own image, made him a little lower than the angels, and blessed them, saying, Be fruitful and multiply and rejoice: in the midst of thy days, as it shall be, and as thy soul desires 1:27-28 . While we are obliged to resort to the help of God, still we are not at Liberty to think of him as God actually, as he is really God. For God is the true, the only proper Name for the Reality.

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