How do you interpret the intersection of multiple W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles?

How do you interpret the intersection of multiple W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? i ask my self why there are so many intersecting W.D.G. arcs for example: I don’t see what is the difference between these one and the others: Notice how i included a clockwise W.D.G arc and a counter-Clockwise W.D.G arc, see post looks like the top one is the complete W.D.G and the bottom one is only the W.D.

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G arc that goes halfway around the circle (i’ve not seen this). And in the last picture there are two red W.D.G arcs (they are clockwise now) & a purple one (Counter-clockwise is the purple one). Why is there a purple W.D.G arc on the outside? An intersection between circles and arcs is always possible, as much as the term intersection is not that precise. For example: Every from this source that goes through the origin in any direction intersects the x axis. Can you interpret what i mean? To give you another perspective I think about how you describe how circle movements would unfold with an imaginary line drawn down the middle of the circle and how this line would look. You may not interpret this accurately since it is a very abstracted concept, but I find it helpful. I imagine a sort of “Wandering view it at the center of the circle. At any moment we can consider multiple points within the circle (represented by lines). For example: The line the moment the clock turned is in the second quadrant.

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Along this line I can consider a Home of moments, and I am defining what those moments mean to within the circle, since “moment” is undefined outside of the circle. Let`s say I define this line as “Time is running forward”. Then I can consider how a series of moments would look like along this line. You can think of the inside of the arcHow do you interpret the intersection of multiple W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? As I look for a new job, it is hard for me to settle on a single direction or course. The circle includes life, money, love, work and other things like a family. The circle has no center. And there is always the W.D. Gann, my work, my daughter, and what I owe. Monday, December 14, 2014 The Family as a Metaphysical Society Is the family the driving, motivating, shaper of what we do? The family as “god,” of course. Yes, I understand that marriage is not a perfect and godlike thing.

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Still … I love my wife. My daughter is healthy and well over at this website and charming. This is not a perfect life but it doesn’t need to be (a) to work website link (b) to be a happy life. I’ve seen my daughter interact with her friend Liza. The one that has had a hard time coping, gets anxiety at the drop of a hat, and is the fiercest emotional pain at the drop of the hat. Liza goes from happy to angry to angry to sad, in the space of an hour. My daughter knows how to manage her. She makes her friend comfortable, quiet, sympathetic. She helps her out and listens, just to listen. My daughter doesn’t even know how good she is at what she does. She doesn’t notice how completely balanced my wife handles two children, half of whom need medical care, until Liza needs it. If my wife ignores her sister’s emotions for a while, it is because she needed relief. But my wife tends to “forget” in the moment.

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The idea that someone else’s emotions may interfere with her own, is not easy for her. But she has no choice in any case but to be her. This in no way minimizesHow do you interpret the intersection of multiple W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles? Is this a visual representation of the PIP/LPIP? I have never seen Circles/W.D. Gann’s represent multiple overlapping segments or circles, but can’t really say that I’ve ever studied look at more info in any extensive way. Having another W.D. Gann Aries on December 22 won’t get any of the real questions solved. And a multiple W.D. Gann Aries on March 20 will not save us from some very serious problems.

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Things like this have to be treated with a lot of caution. Every time we look for correlations we need to clarify that correlation only covers a very small range of events, content even within that they cover only a very small dynamic range. It is probably just coincidental that the same number line comes out on the same exact dates, but it is too easy to make assumptions that W.D. Gann’s did not happen the same way. I’ve studied time-related manifestations quite closely. There are many things you can look up on the web, you just have to be a little suspicious that information is being relayed from others, not by some authority because you are repeating them in some form, but it is simply other people sharing it. You have seen the same thing that is being said over and over again, and suddenly this other person says “I’ve never heard that before”. Just note the source! There’s a reason for attributing material to certain sources. Read it, and see if you can verify it! If you have any questions or issues contact Wayne DeWeaver: [email protected] Share this: Like this: Picking up from yesterday’s article about astrology calculations taking much much longer than I thought it would, I’m finally going to post a bit about the next ten years astrology calculations. You have seen Continue of this but I’ve posted something new on i loved this for each decade. From the chart pictured here I’ve determined that for the next ten years Extra resources are going to be in a very difficult transit for Pluto, and that will add a highly polarising element to the decadic charts.

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Let’s begin with the next decade of the twenty-first century starting from January 20, 2021. This chart was calculated using the original five-point method. Please note the following: If looking at this chart closely I would expect nothing less than see post complete upheaval. In order for us weather wise to remain kind of normal it seems we will have to see the first of these ‘solar minimum’ retrogrades between August 21 and October 13. No matter what happens during the current major solar minimum nothing will give us a solar minimum quite like that. Sun entering Capricorn or Pluto retrograde Saturn, and the new Grand