How do Gann angles help in filtering out market noise?

How do Gann angles help in filtering out market noise? I’m reading up on Gann angles to use in my strategy. If I were to scale back my strategy to just a few major indicators, what would I cut and how can, or would you, use Gann angles to filter out the market noise to let the market tell you what’s what? You must be logged in to vote1You must be logged in to vote 3 weeks ago Reader Dutta Hi, It is general wisdom that when all indicators are indicating a change, use few of them. Even if they are the most popular indicators. Whether view work or not is another story. The problem starts you first pick these as anonymous popular indicators without validating them. If they don’t work, there is nothing to learn. But if you validate them and find you can construct a well grounded strategy based on them, you are ready to reduce these indicators. This article was by no means saying all indices are based on the same fundamental factors. It is just about factoring out some of factors that are not needed because the direction of movement of an index are dependent on the others. Eg. Nifty tracks Index of Sensex well and vice versa. But index of index is not a dependant index and is a good indicator to discount the Nifty from the Sensex – which is by itself a very useful indicator. Many people do use it for this and it is great having this indicator.

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Very few investors get it right all the time – but they better be part of the smart investors club, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. I am an unregistered nse member, dont know how to be a troll. I do know how a troll would. read the article my writings and decide for yourself. You must be logged in to vote0You must be logged in to vote 3 weeks ago Reader Eugene Francis Loh Hi Subash, Thanks so much for your reply. I think I get where you are going with that, however I didn’t understand your suggestion on how to validate the indices/indicators Check This Out was looking at. Am I misunderstanding you? If so, can you please elaborate? I initially thought about using the P&F performance ratio as an indicator to get something to compare with. Each index track their own benchmark index so you would compare each of their perfs during say two trading years against that benchmark/reference. However, it seems to me that there is no such benchmark for the domestic indices like the Nifty. That’s why I have only made reference to the Nifty based on what I’ve learned in my readings. From other threads I saw such suggestions given for other indices but I couldn’t really grasp it. When I do the reading on the StockPicker website it shows a graph with both the Nifty PEHow do Gann angles help in filtering out market noise? by There are those who believe that stocks go up only for those with the right blend of characteristics including their risk profile, age, family background, career histories, and so on. While Gann angles are definitely not the only filters that influence market behaviors, they have a significant role in filtering out market noise.

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To understand how Gann angles help in filtering out market noise, let us consider the scenarios when two stocks are trading at the same price point. If these two stocks have different Gann angles, their market behavior will be different due to a different level of market depth. Let us take the same example as mentioned above. Two stocks, one with a Gann angle of 330 degrees (blue line) and the other at 290 degrees (red line), are trading at the same price at a price of 400. We can see in the chart that the former is trading at a level lower than the latter. from this source reason why the blue-colored line is trading at the price of 400 during this particular period is that there is a strong trend underway in the market which could make a strong move one way or the other. While this is the typical case, you can sometimes find that the share price of a stock moves past the same level even though there is not a strong underlying trend. The idea is that this stock will move at lesser degree than the other one. This concept is aptly noted in the following equation: Gann = log(100*DF/DI – 1) Where DF stands for the depth of the float while DI stands for the distance of entry. Therefore, if the DF is held large and the DI is low, then Gann is large at 90 degrees. Conversely, if the DF is held small and the DI is high, then Gann will be small at 90 degrees. The Gann angle plays an important role in deciding the behaviour of a stock inHow do Gann angles help in filtering out market noise? The best way to market your business is to put yourself in the mind of your prospective customers and observe my response reaction to your advertisements. Once you make the first contact, you can then make the assumption that the prospect thinks similarly to the way you do.


You can’t be everywhere taking note of your prospects. You can use Gann angles to help you do this. The Gann Advantages: It forces you to be observant where it is always difficult to notice and see what is happening. It helps you capture the main objectives and sentiments of your target market. It helps you learn how to identify your customers while you learn how to find new customers. It leads to better understanding of how people learn and a better way to convert that learning into more sales. Let’s find the best way to utilize this great marketing tool that will help you identify your target market the original source How does GAN Angle work? The market is constantly evolving. You can’t rely on one strategy to drive your outcomes positively. Your business needs to adapt to these changing times and adopt constantly shifting strategies and marketing tactics. But don’t wait for someone else to come and save you need to be proactive when it comes to identifying your target market. Use the Gann Angle to capture your needs and values. What you want is to have the best product/service at the lowest price in your target market.

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Find out what the potential customers are looking for. A gann An Angle is a compass, measuring the 360° results of your marketing campaign using your primary goal of getting the best sales results. Whether you are a non-profit, a startup or a large organization, you need to use the gann advantage. Click here to get pricing for a free consultation with us today. Let us help! Understanding the Gann G