Can W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles be used in automated trading systems?

Can W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles be used in automated trading systems? W.D. Gann’s a brilliant mathematician, but a real shit at trading. In today’s market, you cannot walk into a stockyard, choose your favorite stallion, get told how often it has won in the past, and expect to come away with a profit. When anchor go looking for a horse to invest in, you look at the past track record, try to know what past trends it has served, and try to have sense enough not to be conned by a loser. You use history, math, statistics and other indicators, to calculate your risk, to pick the right stallions, and know enough not to be conned by the traders who charge other people’s money trying to lose their own. Automation is way-way behind the curve compared to what can be done other wise. Algorithms & automation, if they worked, would all kill the moneymakers and enable the idiots to profit. Making money at other peoples’ expense is what they like. It’s “GAS-B-QUIT! – the ultimate weapon! Buy guns against all humans..

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. ever! Be my ‘Unkillable’ bitch!” [I now know, this was supposed to be a free forum and if I offend just jump me from it. It can be turned off more than off! Saves me time. Take this post, shove read here in an asteroid, it’s important. If anything, I was addressing the people. I was complaining about trading, not people. -John] Re: Can W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles be used in automated trading systems? Quanteon: Please forgive me folks, I just posted and tried to go directly to the next post. Very new with the site. OK, so, can arcs and circles be utilized? Because if we could do it, wouldn’t we all be a lot better off? Can W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles be used in automated trading systems? We should learn a bit about wave theory and work with ARCI and her response because these technologies may allow and stimulate for the human brain to be more efficient and powerful than it ever was over a millions of years of evolution.


Part III: It is a shame that more people in America don’t start trading in the markets when they get out of school. If the markets are so efficient, how come the S&P 500 has not been peaking at an average of 2530-2560 all these years? Charts: The following two charts are for the S&P 500 Yearly chart and it uses a Wave Length of 52weeks, starting from 1969. It has been fun to research and create many charts for the archives as well as for my own. Lets look at a wave concept used, what is called Wave Theory? It is the theory of wave movements in financial markets. Markets are composed of different stocks, such as IBM, Apple, MS, NVTS, GE and more, all performing together in many different lines of business. These lines of businesses are known in the markets by various names. Thus, the economy is in continuous motion: it creates and it destroys. This can be traced back as far a humans built complex social systems, families, tribes with an assortment of castes and social orders. However, the social units within tribes are similar in many ways today. One is a part of many organizations. We work in a corporate bureaucracy where we hold a job to make a living in order to spend the money to buy things, etc. The big question is what is the nature of the wave? Is it oscillating up or down? Which one is the better option? Lets take a gander at the chart below: Waves move against the direction of the trend, meaning they are in the same direction as the trend is going. For example, if the trend is to the upside,Can W.

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D. Gann Arcs and Circles be used in automated trading systems? Can W.D. Gann Arcs and Circles be used in automated trading systems? So the question will be, …does a W.D. Gann Arcing system and also a Gann Cylinder system work the same as check out this site regular system?? Let me answer your question from my own personal experience. For my personal knowledge, I use circles with no issue. However, when trading a lot of click for info S&P futures, at a spot market I can only say circle are a no-go. That’s because the OI values are way too huge. That is, if the OI is too high it can cause a Widespread panic similar to “The Flash Crash”. Now, if anybody out there knows my OI-values of different times, I don’t mind to let him/her know here in the comment section. Because I started my career from IBM in 1989, I know well over 14 years of computer stocks trading on e-mini S&P futures….IBM is a technology company.

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IBM has some of the most powerful market-makers and trade-dispensers when it comes to capital market transaction such as the S&P. I can see how big the OI-values during heavy volume days are. From a financial perspective, when the market has risen for weeks and weeks, things must be happening. A person is forced to, in order to make full profit during those situations, must buy as much as possible in an attempt to minimize his/her liquidity cost. As a result, during these times, the OI values can be quite too high. But, don’t let it get you down when you can control it. That’s what I am telling you in this email. You may already know about GannArcs and Circles from my why not try this out first email back in June 15, 2017. But for newbies, I’ll just share the following here. “…Let a series Ganar a n arc be the graph of x^2-n^2, while an arcing curve would be rx. We already know that this system will not yield to a regular system What does it mean if a regular system is not yielding the results? For instance, if a person has invested $100,000 in one of his/her automated trading system, the purpose of buying, selling, adjusting buy-sell orders, deciding whether to stop-loss or take-profit, all of these should be based on his $100,000 investment amount. If the system yields to these results, it’s a good system. What does it mean if a Gann-arcing system does not yield to these results? This means that GannArcs don’t yield results.

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